Digital Marketing Consultancy

Digital Marketing has been something of a mystery for many small, medium and large sized businesses, this was due to the fact that many marketing companies did not want to share their knowledge in case companies would begin to do their Digital Marketing in-house, vpmacSolutions takes a different approach, in that we will present in-house training sessions for you and your staff so that you can take control of your own marketing and ultimately your business.

In order to understand the Digital Marketing needs of any business, you must first understand business, vpmacSolutions understands business and that is why our experience and knowledge, in both Business Management and Digital Marketing will give your business a competitive advantage.

vpmacSolutions Digital Marketing Consultancy Services

Digital Marketing Evaluation

  1. Evaluate Generic Website
  2. Evaluate Third Party Sites
  3. Evaluate Search Engine Optimisation
  4. Evaluate Social Media
  5. Examine overall online Presence
  6. Complete a detailed report including recommendations

Website Development

  1. Design Concept
  2. Design and Create Word-press Website
  3. Copywriting (original optimised text)
  4. Training staff on Content Management System (CMS)
  5. Website Maintenance
  6. Domain Name Registration
  7. Website and e-mail hosting
  8. Website back-up file back-up, content back-up and database back-up

Social Media Marketing

  1. Create Facebook, Blogger, Twitter accounts
  2. Branding social media marketing
  3. Copywriting (original optimised text)
  4. Staff training on maintaining social media – I day
  5. Social media maintenance

Search Engine Optimisation

  1. Evaluate SEO on generic website
  2. Keyword research
  3. Implementation of SEO recommendations
  4. Review/Create ad-word campaign
  5. Backlink generation