Hotel Revenue Management

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Hotel/Guesthouse Revenue Management has come a long way since its inception in the early ’80s. Initially about collecting, compiling and analysing market data in Excel spread-sheets to determine hotel rates and trying to stay ahead of the competition, revenue management has exploded to involve a series of high-speed, complex algorithms that automatically assess hotel performance to optimise demand and increase revenue.

Given the sheer impact it has on hotel performance, it’s no wonder that the art and science of revenue management is gaining greater traction among those who have the biggest vested interest in hotel performance—hotel owners. A clear and focused revenue management strategy, coupled with an equally focused Digital Marketing Strategy is the difference between profit and loss.

Omega Digital Marketing System©

The Omega Digital Marketing System has been developed over several years by an Irish based Computing/Digital Marketing Expert. The Omega Digital Marketing System is uniquely based on a Knowledge Audit of key Economy based and industry specific Meta-Data. The Knowledge Audit produces Big Data that is utilised to create a unique Algorithm; the Algorithm is then operationalised in order to put in place a bespoke Digital Marketing Strategy for a specific business, industry or sector.

While the Omega Digital Marketing System has been developed over several years by means of academic/industry research and development, the Omega Digital Marketing System has also been operationalised in a number of business types. Those businesses that have adopted the Omega Digital Marketing System have realised up to 1000% increase in revenue generating traffic to their generic websites.

The Omega Digital Marketing System has ensured the survival and growth of many businesses that were struggling in Ireland’s economic recession. The Omega Digital Marketing System has not been rolled out to market and is only provided to selected business types, it is anticipated that the Omega Digital Marketing System will continue to be provided on a selective basis rather than a market driven demand basis, this decision is based on the need to maintain the integrity of the Omega Digital Marketing System that is known only to its creator.

Hotel owners are realising that when their senior executives lead the way in revenue management they can extract optimal value from their assets, resulting in a number of flow-on benefits for owners, including a greater ability to service debt, obtain higher loans or re-invest funds into other business ventures. All of which keeps investors happy. SMEs may not have the personnel to drive such strategies and so it is important that SMEs sub-contract such important work to consultants that have been tried and tested. Continue reading